Tinkletoonz Musical Potty Chairs

Will Toilet Train Your Child or Your Money Back


"What a terrific idea - using music as a reward! My daughter absolutely loved it and was potty trained in 3 weeks!"
Robyn P
"I bought 2 Tinkle Toonz for my twin girls and they were both trained in 3 days! I can't believe it. They still use the potties rather than go on the big toilet (its more fun) but do you know how happy I am to have no more dirty diapers?

I'm actually starting to enjoy life again! AND I'm saving over $200/month in diaper costs!"
Veronica C
"Who would have thunk it - tinkle for a tune. I couldn't believe how easy it was for my son - he was trained in no time flat!"
Alyssa L
"From all the mothers in the world - thank you! thank you! thank you!"
Sharon W
"Boy, I wish they had this 30 years ago! Some of my kids took forever to potty train. With Tinkle Toonz, my grandson was trained in less than a month!"
Charles T
"My son was so proud that he could make the music play - one evening we had some company in and my son went and got his potty, brought it back to the living room and went potty right in front of God and everybody! What a laugh we had."
Joy Y
"Be forewarned - if you have an older child at home (3-5 years) he/she will also want to go in the musical potty even though they are potty trained! However, our younger child quickly imitated his older brother, so it turned out OK. What a great idea."
Veena S
"I took a Tinkle Toonz to a baby shower as a gift. What a hoot we girls had. Lots of jokes and remarks. It was the hit of the party.
Kirsten R
"Excellent concept aside, your customer service has been exceptional. Since the automated phone system came into practice, overall customer service has been on the decline. Your company is the exception to the rule. While your sensors have been on back order, you constantly stayed in contact with the customers. You gave us a second sensor for free, for our patience. You respect for and care for the consumer is rare in today's market. Thank you for excellent customer service!!!"
Jacqueline P
"Do you know how good your potty really is? My daughter is visually impaired and she just loves her Tinkle Toonz -- the music made all the difference in the world!She's now potty trained totally but still loves to use it.Your idea is absolutely wonderful thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
Marilyn S
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