As parents we all know too well that potty training/toilet training can be a very frustrating and challenging time for both parents and children… as parents of “special needs” kids we also have found out that most traditional methods of toilet/potty training do not work.

Tinkletoonz Helps Potty Train Children With



Down Syndrome

Developmentally Delayed

The secret is through the use of the Tinkletoonz Musical Sensor.  Read further to learn and discover how we can help. 

Tinkletoonz Musical Sensor

Washable & Re-Usable
Guaranteed 3 Months
No Batteries Require


A therapist who works with autistic children told us about the success she was having in toilet training the children with whom she was working… she took the “musical sensor” from our TinkleToonz potty and attached it to the child’s underwear. The instant the child “wet” his pants the sensor would begin to play music… this alerted her (or the parent) to the fact the child had “gone” in their pants.

The child would immediately be taken to the toilet… and because of the immediate response, they would eventually associate and connect the fact of peeing and going to the toilet. Without this immediate notification sometimes an hour or so would have elapsed without knowing that he had peed… and hence the child would not learn to make the connection.

Through this immediate repetitiveness, toilet training times were shortened considerably.


Place the musical sensor directly
in the underwear or diaper.

We initially created a training pant with a musical sensor incorporated.  This idea failed as it was costly and bulky to ship.  We realized the sensor could easily be incorporated into the child’s existing underwear or diapers!

It is so easy and convenient for parents to purchase Huggies / Pullups from almost any store and they work just as well as a training pant.

We now sell sensors to parents / teachers of special needs children including many preschools, day care centres and special education classes. The feedback we receive is truly amazing !! It is very heartwarming for us to hear that we are making such an impact on their childs’ development in toilet training



Washable & Re-usable

Guaranteed 3 Months

No Batteries Required

As most youngsters going to school also have a “back-pack” with a spare pair of underwear. We recommend you consider buying 2 sensors, one for the underwear he is wearing, and the second one for his “spare” underwear all ready to go.  Saves shipping cost buying 2 at the same time.

If you are using Huggies / Pullups they have a thin layer of plastic on the outside of the pant to make them waterproof. Simply cut a “horizontal” slit in the outer plastic about 1″ wide in the front portion of the pant (where it is most likely to get “wet”) . place the sensor in this slit with the metal side facing the inside. The absorbent material in the pant will hold the sensor in place (and your child does not feel it at all).

As soon as “moisture” (pee) touches the sensor surface, it begins to play “It’s a Small World” Tune. When you hear the music, take your child to the toilet as soon as possible. By doing this immediately and by repeating the process over and over again, your child begins to associate the musical tune to the fact he should be at the toilet, and before long, he begins to get himself to the toilet before “wetting” his pants. its absolutely amazing how they make this association.


Regular “boys” underwear normally comes with a “fly” area in the front … its like a small “pocket”. The sensor can fit snuggly in the little pocket.

For cloth diapers we suggest buying a package of the small “circular” Velcro-strips (most stationary stores have them). You can place one strip on the back of the sensor, and the other inside the diaper at the front … simply attach the two together.