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Music is the Reward!

The self contained, moisture-activated sensor in the bottom of the bowl plays “Its A Small World After All”

Over 250,000 Sold!  Reward your child and yourself with the gift of potty training.

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Music is the Reward!

Ergonomic and Fun

Tinkle Toonz is a one piece musical potty made from durable, yet lightweight (1 lb) polypropylene, white in colour, with “barnyard animal” characters (Toonzettes) playing musical instruments on the front panel. The self contained, moisture-activated sensor in the bottom of the bowl plays “Its A Small World After All”, every child’s favourite and an easy sing along tune.

Our Potty is made for both boys and girls, having a built in splash guard for the little “guys”. It is very easily cleaned – just put it under the tap and pour contents down the toilet. Wash the bottom of the bowl and thoroughly dry the sensor, otherwise it keeps playing. Store the potty where your child has access to it. They will quickly learn to go get the potty when they have to “go”. Tinkle Toonz works equally well for #1 (urination) and #2 (bowel movement).

Tinkle Toonz is not big and cumbersome which is important for several reasons:

  1. Should be easily handled by your youngster – sometimes they can be in a hurry!
  2. By being just the right size our potty is “transportable” – you can take it in the car, camper, motorhome, boat – no need to interrupt training once it has begun. That would be like taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back.
  3. Many child psychologists point out that children are intimidated by the toilet and its flushing action – and potties that look like regular toilets and are big can have a similar effect.
  4. Our potty does not have handles, lids, booster seat, toilet seat, etc. etc. Why? Because all of these extras do not help in actually training your child, which is why you bought a potty in the first place. In addition, a lot of times there is a great urgency for your child to go potty. (I have to go now!) and there is little time to completely remove your youngsters’ clothes. All these extra attachments can, and often do, get caught up with children’s clothing – making it “frustrating” for your child. And “lids” have a nasty habit of pinching “unwary” little fingers!

potty training, toilet training, musical potty, pottie training, tinkle toonz, toilet seat, toliet trainer, tinkle toonz, child toliet trainingThe self-contained sensor will last about 2 years, sometimes longer. It is easily removed and replaced – just give us a call on our toll free service line (1-888-773-8877) or e-mail us if you need a replacement.

Tinkle Toonz is regularly bought as a gift. Normally you wouldn’t think of a potty as a gift, however, because of its “uniqueness” and “cute appeal” many are purchased for birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and other special occasions. Take one to a baby shower and see how popular you are! Everybody, and we mean everybody, will want to know where you bought such a terrific gift! They all know somebody else who could make use of such a great gift idea.

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