First of all, let's ask the question "Why do parents buy any potty?"
For one simple reason - to potty train their youngster.
And, after 2 years of dealing with messy diapers, you want diaper freedom more than anything!!

However, potty training can be a “difficult” time for both you and your child. Crying spells, temper tantrums, I don’t want to… all can occur when you are trying to potty train your youngster. Why is this? Because you are trying to get your child to do something that you want them to do – not necessarily what they want to do. So, the technique is to somehow change this scenario so your child will want to potty train.

How do you do that? By purchasing a “musical potty”. The music (reward) provides positive reinforcement.  Going to the potty becomes FUN for your child,  they like to hear the music because they make it play.  Before you know it your child is basically self trained.
[see What is Tinkle Toonz and How Does it Work]

Benefits of Tinkletoonz Musical Potty

Your child quickly learns self-control – they must get to the potty “on time, every time” in order to make the music play. If they do not “go” in the potty there is no music. Music plays ONLY when your child goes in the potty. Remember, NO TINKLE, NO TUNE.

By being interactive with your child, the music provides incentive for your child to go potty. They take the initiative! They want to go potty because they want to hear the music – IT’S FUN! There is no need for mom or dad to force the issue because your child takes the initiative.

Tinkle Toonz quickly becomes your child’s potty – its MY POTTY, and I ALONE make it work, not mom or dad. How proud your child is of this achievement!! The reward (music) is controlled entirely by your child – not some external reward or bribe like cookies or candies supplied by mom or dad. They alone make it play! And by doing so, basically train themselves.

Our Tinkletoonz Musical Potty is a true “Potty Training System” – it really works. Fast and easy. And enjoyable for everyone.

So far our record time for potty training with Tinkle Toonz is 3 days! Can you and your child beat the record? Our point here is not to establish competition, but to emphasize the fact that a musical potty works very quickly in most cases. The quicker the youngster is out of diapers, the sooner you start saving money on diapers… and, the more enjoyable your life becomes

Our Tinkletoonz Musical Potty is a true "Potty Training System" - it really works. Fast and easy. And enjoyable for everyone.

Tinkletoonz Musical Potty