How can we do this?   Simple.  Tinkle Toonz really works.


Tinkletoonz Products Inc. Ltd., the originator and manufacturer of the musical potty guarantees to potty train your child or we will give you your money back INCLUDING shipping and handling.


The only qualification we ask is that your child be 18 months or older – at any younger age most children do not have the “muscle control” to properly potty train. Although we did receive an e-mail stating that someone was having success with their 9 month old, we don’t recommend this for everyone!


Our sensors are gauranteed for 3 months. If you find you need to re-order a sensor replacement for your next child, or for whatever reason just call our toll free line for assistance @ 1-888-773-8877

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Potties Sold


Most of our purchases come through referrals and word of mouth from our satisfied customers

Our Tinkletoonz Musical Potty is a true "Potty Training System" - it really works. Fast and easy. And enjoyable for everyone.

Tinkletoonz Musical Potty


Tinkle Toonz is not big and cumbersome which is important for several reasons:
  • Should be easily handled by your youngster – sometimes they can be in a hurry!

  • By being just the right size our potty is “transportable” – you can take it in the car, camper, motorhome, boat – no need to interrupt training once it has begun. That would be like taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back.

  • Many child psychologists point out that children are intimidated by the toilet and its flushing action – and potties that look like regular toilets and are big can have a similar effect.
Our potty does not have handles, lids, booster seat, toilet seat, etc. etc. Why? Because all of these extras do not help in actually training your child, which is why you bought a potty in the first place. In addition, a lot of times there is a great urgency for your child to go potty. (I have to go now!) and there is little time to completely remove your youngsters’ clothes. All these extra attachments can, and often do, get caught up with children’s clothing – making it “frustrating” for your child. And “lids” have a nasty habit of pinching “unwary” little fingers!