Why Buy a Musical Potty?

First of all, let's ask the question "Why do parents buy any potty?" For one simple reason - to potty train their youngster. And, after 2 years of dealing with messy diapers, you want diaper freedom more than anything!!

However, potty training can be a "difficult" time for both you and your child. Crying spells, temper tantrums, I don't want to... all can occur when you are trying to potty train your youngster. Why is this? Because you are trying to get your child to do something that you want them to do - not necessarily what they want to do. So, the technique is to somehow change this scenario so your child will want to potty train.

How do you do that? By purchasing a "musical potty". The music (reward) provides positive reinforcement.  Going to the potty becomes FUN for your child,  they like to hear the music because they make it play.  Before you know it your child is basically self trained.
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If you're looking for a fast, easy and enjoyable method to potty train, and I mean potty train, then conventional potties with lids and handles etc.do not really train. They are merely fancy receptacles. To effectively potty train the potty you purchase should be interactive with your child. A musical potty provides incentive and initiative - your child actually wants to go potty.