Over 100,000 children potty trained since 1986!

The Tinkle Toonz musical potty makes potty training fun for kids.

An Effective Method of Training

The musical reward is immediate. This positive reinforcement creates the association needed for successful training. No more watching and waiting for parents!

Tinkletoonz Musical Potty
Tinkletoonz Musical Potty plays "It's a small world" when moisture is sensed

Tinkletoonz Musical Potty Chairs

Will Toilet Train Your Child or Your Money Back


If you have an autistic or special needs child who requires potty training then this is a MUST READ.

“I've never in my life submitted a review for a product but this sensor was a miracle to us. Our 6 year old daughter is severely globally apraxic (like autism without the social piece). We tried everything to get her to potty train but nothing was working. After using this sensor in her pull-ups for a few days she is routinely voiding on the potty, with fewer and fewer accidents every day. I would highly recommend this thing for parents with special needs kids. Feel free to put my comments on your website. Thank You. ”
Andrew K
Virginia, USA

The Heart of the Tinkle Toonz Musical Potty

Musical Sensor

On contact with moisture the musical sensor plays the tune "It's a small world after all"


"Excellent concept aside, your customer service has been exceptional. Since the automated phone system came into practice, overall customer service has been on the decline. Your company is the exception to the rule. While your sensors have been on back order, you constantly stayed in contact with the customers. You gave us a second sensor for free, for our patience. You respect for and care for the consumer is rare in today's market. Thank you for excellent customer service!!!"
Jacqueline P
"Do you know how good your potty really is? My daughter is visually impaired and she just loves her Tinkle Toonz -- the music made all the difference in the world!She's now potty trained totally but still loves to use it.Your idea is absolutely wonderful thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
Marilyn S
"Boy, I wish they had this 30 years ago! Some of my kids took forever to potty train. With Tinkle Toonz, my grandson was trained in less than a month!"
Charles T
"My son was so proud that he could make the music play - one evening we had some company in and my son went and got his potty, brought it back to the living room and went potty right in front of God and everybody! What a laugh we had."
Marilyn S
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